Corby Car Care Centre – Another Rip Off Garage

by corbycarcare

Corby Car Care Centre (CCC) are a local garage based in Corby. You may have spotted them in the past opposite ASDA.

This website is created as a warning to anyone thinking about giving them any money. Do not trust them.

Our full review of our experience with them is online here:

A few reasons we don’t recommend them, from our own experience is:

  1. You are shouted at and treated badly by the employees if you make a complaint
  2. Your ‘worst case scenario’ pricing doesn’t include everything
  3. After they decide your ‘worst case scenario’ price doesn’t include everything, they’ll threaten to take your car hostage until you pay them everything (plus the extra)
  4. Once you get your car back, you’ll find tools sitting on top of your engine that have just been left and forgotten about
  5. The original problem you went to them with still isn’t fixed

And I’m sure if we wanted to, we could come up with many other reasons why we had such a horrible experience dealing with them.

There’s also several other bad reviews by other ex-customers of theirs, you can see some of them here: Corby Car Care Centre Reviews

Watch on YouTube – Corby Car Care Exposed

After being ripped off ourselves, we later found out from several other customers that they were also treated badly. So we created this website as a place for everyone to share their REAL and HONEST reviews of the Corby Car Care garage.

And if the CCC like, they’re more than welcome to comment with their responses, though I highly doubt we’ll see that happening.

Thanks for reading!